Friday, January 21, 2011

Centenary Celabration of Priestly Ordination


Not long ago there was a priest living,
Who found more joy in nothing but giving,
Who had a charismatic gift for preaching,
This was augmented by his power of healing,
Far and wide went god’s goodness of to sing,
And he covered vast area as if he had a wing,
Pain and sorrow meant for him nothing,
But to those in pain he meant something,
When comfort and luxury was for the asking,
And fame, honour and glory came begging,
A Rosarian contemplative life was to his liking,
That is something really very strange and striking,
More than a decade of his life he spent in suffering,
In more ways than from others was he differing,
A man caring for all and none forsaking,
And in virtues not in one was he lacking,
His ordination centenary we are sharing,
Fr.Soosainather is that holy priest so caring.
Bro. Sagayaraj.J.CR
R.T.C, Bangalore.

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