Saturday, January 22, 2011


A Pre-destined Saint in Tuticorin,
Born on 18th December (1882), 
Baptized him Antony, 
Sure sign of future destiny.

Ordained Priest on 17th December (1910),

Possessed Christ very closer,
Transferring   to the Rosarian Chamber,
Simplicity of life greatly highlighted.

Tiring labour for the Church,

Message of Peace brings new change,
Deep faith in God as “Monk”
Moulded himself model to others.

Life in him illumined others,

Flocked near for spiritual guidance,
A man of prayer pointing out,
Thus two Ashrams came out.

Last day of his life,

Suffering for the conversion of two countries sake (India & Srilanka),
Peaceful death on the earth, (8th June 1968)
Vadakankulam for the rest.

People from near and far,

Come to his tomb begging for (Prayer),
Experiencing the way of life,
That called them to change of life.

                                                                                          Bro. F. Patrick CR.
                                                                                          R. T .C, Bangalore.

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